Rupex Growtech commits Itself to the vege industry

Published in: THE GROWER Wellington, NZ

Rupex Growtech Ltd, a wholesale seed and transplant company, has emerged as a leading supplier of planting materials to the commercial vegetable growers mainly in Auckland region. With a view to provide a long term and committed service to the growing community, of recent it has developed a new infrastructural/operational facility.

The company reports that it recently acquired a 12.5 acre block of land at 760 Glenbrook Road, Karaka. While the site is away from the major vegetable growing area (Pukekohe), it’s still easily accessible to local growers. There is a new high quality of indoor greenhouse space and developed ample outdoor space to grow and acclimatise the seedlings to the field conditions for delivering ‘ready-to-plant’ materials. In addition, Rupex Growtech has designed what it says is an appropriate mechanised plant handling system, which enables them to handle large volumes efficiently and cost effectively.

Location-specific experience

Based on ten years location-specific experience, the company has refined information on the use of appropriate varieties in different time slots and market segments, and fine tuned the ‘sowing-transplanting- harvesting’ guide to achieve scheduled cutting programs.

Over time it has developed and perfected technology and systems for producing good quality, high grade planting materials and delivering as per agreed schedule. With these developments, Rupex Growtech is fully confident to play its part of being a first-step partner in growing fresh and green vegetables.

The company is fully committed to provide a cost effective, high quality, and worry free service to the commercial vegetable growers in the region. Growers are welcome to visit the new site.

For more information, contact: Raj and Ravi Saini. Mob: 027-278 2789