The term ‘plug-plants’ refers to young nursery plants grown in trays with a standard cell size. When ready, these plants can be pulled out of the trays with an intact root ball.

Advantages of using plug-plants are:

  • high seed recovery,
  • little or no transplanting shock,
  • better survival,
  • head start on weeds,
  • better and uniform crop establishment,
  • less growing period in the field/greenhouse,
  • more cropping cycles


This labour-saving, mechanization technology has picked up significantly in the past two-three decades.

Producing plug plants for commercial growers is a challenging business because it forms the first step in the fresh produce supply chain. However, over time we have perfected the production technology and we produce and supply ‘ready-to-transplant’ plug plants on wholesale/contractual basis round the year.

We pay special attention to:

  • Procuring good quality seed from the renowned seed companies. We invariably gap up the missing plants at a very early stage so that the plug trays are full with no intervening gaps.
  • Pay special attention to disease-insect pest management: We use integrated pest management techniques with special emphasis on ‘prevention’ through hygiene, sterilisation of reusable materials, sourcing raw materials from reputed suppliers, environmental factors and close monitoring. We ensure that the seedlings being supplied from the nursery are free from major diseases, insects and weeds.
  • Plants meant for field planting, are shifted outside to acclimatise them to the outdoor conditions to minimize the transplanting shock. Timeliness is essence in this line. Although the weather conditions vary considerably and many a time unexpectedly, we have strived to produce and supply the agreed numbers on time every week of the year.

In general, our plug plants are free from common strains of major diseases, sturdy with good healthy root system, establish very well in the field and have high survival rate even under harsher conditions.

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