Our role as a wholesale ‘vegetable seed and plug-plant’ supplier

Fresh produce supply chain:

In the good old days, people would pick whatever vegetables were ready from their backyard and cook the freshest food for their family. Since those simple times the things have changed considerably, and today’s consumer demands the same freshness of food for all the products, all the time, around the year, ready to go, at the place of their convenience. As a result, massive set up commonly referred to as ‘Fresh produce supply chain’ has come into operation worldwide.

This supply chain carries a massive responsibility on its shoulders and operates 24/7 to put all the options on the customers’ shelves and the consumers’ tables. This supply chain operates on forward contracting. The supermarkets and the fast food chains determine their daily, weekly and thereby yearly requirements. To secure this year round supply they sign long term delivery contracts with the commercial growers.

Our role in the supply chain:

    Once growers have finalised their projected weekly harvesting requirements, then we sit with them to finalise their weekly transplanting and our sowing schedule in the nursery. For developing this schedule we take three factors into consideration:

      • Growing time in the nursery and the field for each batch which varies considerably with the seasons,
      • Picking the right varieties depending on the growing period, harvesting time and market requirements. Wherever possible we introduce buffering ability in the production system, by using varieties with different genetic backgrounds,
      • Working out suitable numbers in each batch to compensate for the variation in produce size as well as wastage.

Once the crop ‘sowing-transplanting-harvesting schedules’ have been finalised, we proceed to implement them by procuring seeds, carrying out weekly sowings and following each batch through, to supply the required number of plug plants.

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