Rupex Growtech Ltd is logistically located in Karaka where it has set up a cost effective and modern plug plant-plant facility.

Being located at the fringes of the main growing area of Pukekohe, it combines the advantages of being reasonably away from the growing belt to minimize chances of ‘disease & insect pests’ flow back, while maintaining easy accessibility to the growing community. Being less than half an hour drive from Auckland Internationl Airport, it is also conveniently placed for overseas visitors.

Land And Buildings:

About 12 acres of north facing land, with a new custom designed 6000 square meter of greenhouse space, ample outdoor area for hardening the seedlings, with adequate work and support buildings.


Water Resources:


We have a bore hole with commercial / horticultural drawing rights, reservoir with more than 1000 cubic meter capacity, water treatment unit, and water tanks to store sterilised water. This ensures that we can produce high quality seedlings all year round.

Machinary And Equipments:

We are equipped with a high speed custom built drum Seeder for main sowings, a precision pneumatic sowing machine for specific sowings, and a manual seeding machine for smaller lots of seeds. To handle the planting materials we have ample steel and wood pallets and delivery racks with a capacity to house about 10 million plants in the peak summer time.This coupled with forklifts and tractors enable us to move the planting material with ease and handle large volumes efficiently and cost effectively.


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